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Freitag, 11. April 2014, 06:34

Extensive Balance Talk

Auf Reddit steht die Übersetzung zu einem Balance-Interview mit den drei Spielern PartinG, Byul und Bbyong (Quelle: Reddit, Original-Quelle (koreanisch)

Hier mal das Interview:


Q: We have gathered three players representing each race. As representatives, tell us how you feel right now.

Parting: Whenever protoss players say something about the balance after winning the matches, a lot of fans think we are just whining. It's sad to hear people saying that we are just trying to avoid nerfs (laugh). I'm hear to clear away all the misunderstandings.

Bbyong: I still think Terran is underpowered (laugh). It's not just me, I know that a lot of other Terran players think the same way. I want to take this opportunity to say everything about the current balance as the representative of the Terran race.

Byul: After the recent Protoss nerf, I think the game is pretty balanced. But I do hear some zerg players complaining about ZvP still being hard match up sometimes. So it's possible that Protoss still has the edge.

Q: Recently, Protoss has been rated as the most OP race. What do you guys think?

Bbyong: I think that statement is still true. Right now, a lot of protoss players are still getting used to the new patch but after awhile, they will adapt to it just like before.

Byul: I don't want to quite say they they are "OP." But I think that the cannon rush is very OP (laugh). It is so stressful to deal with cannon rushes.

Q: What about the cannon rush did you think was OP?

Byul: Zerg players been going pool first these days because of the cannon rush. But sometimes, cannon rush still works even with pool first. It doesn't make sense.

Parting: I can't believe Zerg would say that (laugh). Without cannon rush, it is impossible to punish zerg's greedy play.

Q: Blink Stalker was one of the hottest topics. Your thoughts?

Parting: I still think the recent Protoss nerf was unnecessary. As Polt showed us in IEM, it was still possible for Terran to counter blink stalkers. To put it into a perspective, it's like Zerg wanting to hold off 11/11 racks push with fast 3 hatch.

also, I want to say something to Blizzard's balance team. I don't understand how the MSC nerf and widow mine buff got patched at the same time. They should've done one by one. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Bbyong: Polt's 3 racks build is pretty good for blink stalkers and oracle build. But it still has a huge risk. If Protoss plays some other style, it is incredibly hard for Terrans.

Also, even with 3 racks play,,it is still possible for Protoss players to win the game. We, Terran players, just have execute perfect defense and pray (laugh). Also Toss players say we should scout better but scans and reapers are not enough to scout what Protoss is doing a lot of times.

"Q: what do you think the most OP unit in each race?"

Parting: Widow mines. They were being used time to time before the patch but now that it got buffed, HT + zealot bulid is almost non-existent.

Bbyong: It's true that widow mines counter HT + zealot build but you also have to remember that without widow mines, it was almost impossible to deal with it as Terrans. Also, blink stalkers are not necessarily OP by itself. Only when it's combined with time-warp, it was way too strong.

Byul: I think Terran's reaper and Toss's Warp prism. Because in the late game, warp prism in the main with zealots are really too strong and cost efficient.

Parting: I agree with Byul. Warp prisms are VERY good. But if we don't use it, we can't win. It's true that warp prisms are cost efficient but without this harassment, it's so hard to win against late game vs Zerg.

Q: In your teams, which race is dominating in the in-house practices?

Parting: Protoss. We share a lot different builds and we generally have good Protoss players. And Terrans are not really good in 'in-house practices' because if you know the what kind of styles Terrans play, it's really easy to beat them.

Bbyong: Protoss and Zergs are usually at the top in our team. As for the Terran players... I don't really have to say much, do I? (laugh)

Byul: Hmm we don't have that many Terran players (laugh). But yeah, Zerg and Protoss are doing well in our team as well.

Q: Looking at the recent Code A race distribution (7:8:9), wouldn't you be ok to say that the game is pretty balanced?

Bbyong: We can't look at the qualifiers and players in Code A to determine the balance. In the qualifiers, the skill gap between players are pretty noticeable so it's only natural for good Terran players to at least make it to Code A.

Q: TvP match up gets a lot of attentions these days. You (Parting) said that Protoss is hard to play, but why isn't there many Terrans in NA or EU?

Parting: I heard about the Protoss dominance in Korea but not in NA and EU as well. But I think that's because Korean players are more desperate than the foreign players. We have to really risk our whole life whereas many foreign players are not as extreme.

Q: Zerg's been playing Muta/ling/bane style since the WoL era. So some might say it's getting a bit stale.

Bbyong: Early HoTS era, there were a lot of roach/hydra + viper plays but honestly they are not that good against Terran.

Byul: Muta/ling/bane style is not an option. It's a must. If we didn't have mutas, it is basically impossible to hold mediva harassment so it's very hard for Zerg.

Q: What do you think the problem was with the most recent patch?

Bbyong: I think it was too hasty. Personally, the maps play a huge role in game balance. But it feels like the balance team completely disregards the maps and only look at the unit balance.

Parting: I agree with Bbyong. Blink stalkers were powerful because there were a lot of good maps for blink stalkers. They could've changed the maps first and THEN come up with a patch.

Byul: Even though I partially, agree with Parting and Bbyong, I feel like Protoss gets away with things so often (laugh). In ZvP, it was so stressfu to try and figure out what they were doing.

Q: With many patches recently, maybe the balance of the game is actually breaking. Should we give more time to players?

Parting: The latest patch was too much. Now I'm just waiting for another patch (for Toss buff).

Bbyong: Nah.. I think we can still give it some more time. Just like how we adapted to the oracle buff, I think people will figure things out eventually.

Q: What if we give long enough time like in SC:BW?

Parting: Before the recent patch, I think the game was really heading in the right direction. I thought it was going to be perfectly balanced game with more time. But now, I don't even know.

Bbyong: This kind of bad patch & adapt is happening like yearly. As the players are adapting to the new patch, blizzard comes out with a new patch. Just like how Zerg players were figuring out hellbats, and the nerf to hellbats happened.

Byul: Instead of emailing back and forth, I hope we can gather many players and have this kind of discussion in the future.

Q: Sometimes, most random nerf or buff happens to a unit that hasn't even been discussed

Bbyong: Yup, That's Warp prism and Oracle.

Parting: Oracle was a very good unit. But they buffed oracle again without any reason. LOL. It was so weird and I didn't know what was going on. Same with warp prisms. They were pretty good and I still don't know why they buffed the warp prism speed (laugh).

Byul: Yeah... a lot of zerg players gg'ed because of that warp prism.

Q: I hear that Blizzard asks for inputs from the Pro players. Do the inputs reflect the patches?

Parting: Some of them.. But I also feel like they disregards a lot of inputs.

Bbyong: I think they just ask for the formality of it. But I also think they have their own set of standards.

Q: Thanks for the interview today. Last thoughts?

Parting: It was very fun with Byul and Bbyong. I hope that 'Protoss OP' goes away over time (laugh).

Bbyong: It was very educational and fun. As I mentioned earlier, too many patches are not really good for the players.

Byul: I didn't really have any complaints in balance. It was very fun today and I hope to do well in the future matches in Proleague.

Was denkt ihr? Ich finde, es stimmt, dass Blizzard versuchen sollte, die Maps zu balancen statt gleich die Units anzupacken.

Btw ich mag Parting immer weniger.


Freitag, 11. April 2014, 11:05

Naja, das Problem was ich halt sehe, wenn du die Mapps angehst, nur um z. B. Blink Stalker abzuschwächen, den Terraner gleich mit nervst. Auf den neuen Mapps ist es teilweise echt bescheiden mit Reaper reinzugehen...du kannst ihn einfach zu gut catchen. Ich finde auch dass das Problem mit dem TimeWarp somit nicht gelöst wird, der ja beim Blink Push auch zu stark abused wird.

Was ja auch angesprochen wurde, dass du halt einfach kaum bzw. gar keine Möglichkeit hast zu scouten, was der Toss jetzt spielt, aus einer gefühlten Millionen Allins die ihm zur Verfügung stehen.

Generell finde ich nach wie vor, dass der MSC einfach nicht dafür eingesetzt wird, wofür er gedacht war... er sollte zur Verteidiugng dienen und nicht um damit aktiv zu harassen.
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